Famous Hawaiian Surnames – Stories Behind the Legends

Many Hawaiian names are based on mythology or natural elements. Noelani is a beautiful name that means heavenly mist or dew. Pele is the goddess of volcanoes, lighting, and fire in Hawaiian mythology.

It was once customary for parents to give their children repulsive names so that evil spirits would stay away from them. Some examples are:


In Hawaiian culture, the name Lilo is often associated with the beautiful white flowers that decorate the island of Maui. This beautiful flower represents the spirit of love and kindness and the spirit of the Hawaiian people. It is a beautiful choice for both boys and girls who want to embody the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

The name Keanu comes from the Hawaiian words ke and nu, which mean “cool breeze.” This is an excellent choice for a boy who wants to embody the beauty of the islands and the cool breeze that blows over them. The name originates in the ancient House of Keawe, an elite family lineage.

Another beautiful Hawaiian last name is Urima, which means “fruit of the earth.” This is an excellent name for a baby who will grow up to nurture and protect the world around him.

Wailani is a beautiful and feminine Hawaiian name that means “royal water.” It comprises the words wai, which means water, and lani, which means sky. This is a beautiful name for a girl who will grow up to be a woman of the ocean, and it also honors her father’s native land, Hawaii. Wailani is a rare name worldwide, with only eight known occurrences in 2014. It is used mainly in the United States.


Unlike many Hawaiian names, Laia is not gender-specific. This means that both men and women can share the name with equal frequency. However, it still needs to be more popular than Lilo or Lani.

The surname Wailani comes from two Hawaiian words: “wai,” meaning water, and “lani,” meaning sky. The name symbolizes the Hawaiian belief that the ocean provides guidance and protection. It’s also a tribute to the Hawaiian goddess of the sea, Waialua.

Another Hawaiian surname is Hekekia, which combines two words: “hea,” meaning mist, and “lani,” the sky. Hekekia is an ancient Hebrew name that traces back to the biblical king Hezekiah.

Other unique Hawaiian names include Hoku and Ikuwai. Hoku is a Polynesian word that translates to star. It’s a fitting name for someone with a bright and shining personality. Ikuwai, on the other hand, translates to joining together. This is an ideal name for someone always willing to help their friends and family.

Many famous people have Hawaiian names, including singer-songwriter Israel Kamakawiwoole and professional surfer Cliff Kapono. Keanu Reeves is also a celebrity of Hawaiian descent.


The ocean inspires the Hawaiian last name Leilani. It means ‘the water that is beautiful.’ This is an excellent choice for a baby girl or boy. It also has the potential to be a beautiful name for your pet.

Another popular Hawaiian surname is Kahele. This is the Hawaiian form of the Biblical name Isaiah. It is a firm name that inspires courage.

Kekoa is another unique Hawaiian surname associated with the koa tree, symbolizing strength and courage. This is a masculine name. It’s very rare worldwide, with only 33 known occurrences in 2014.

Like many Hawaiian names, Hauoli is related to the hula, a traditional dance of the islanders. This is a beautiful and feminine name that is sure to be admired by those who hear it.

Kanaina is a Hawaiian surname that is related to a conquering spirit. This is a great name for someone who loves to travel and explore the world.


Those with Hawaiian surnames often carry a spiritual meaning from their ancestors. They are also passed down from generation to generation in a way that reflects the culture and history of Hawaii. The Hawaiian language uses 13 letters between two consonants, including okina (‘the pause’). The okina marks the end of a word and helps pronounce Hawaiian words.

For example, the name Kaleohano means ‘brave and strong-willed’ in Hawaiian. It’s an ancient surname attributed to those who were honorable and courageous. Hoku is another old Hawaiian surname that translates to ‘star’ in English. It’s a poetic surname attributed to those who were born during the star of the month.

The last name Kamealoha translates to ‘the affectionate one’ in Hawaiian. It is derived from the Hawaiian words ka, meaning “the,” mea, meaning “thing,” and aloha, which translates to love. It’s an integral part of Hawaiian culture and a big part of Hawaiian legends.

Other Hawaiian names include Chang, Field, Koa, Kuhn, Kaleohano, Keliihue, Makani, Kahanamoku, and Larnach. They all have a spiritual meaning in Hawaiian. They are also popular among athletes and celebrities with Hawaiian heritage. For instance, Henry Nuuanu Field was a former American football player, and Max Kelii Holloway was an American mixed martial artist with Native Hawaiian ancestry. Other famous Hawaiians with these surnames include actresses, singers, and writers.

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