The protagonist of Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 has been cultivating covertly for a thousand years. This has led to him becoming a master of the martial arts, a warrior who is able to fight with the skills of a hundred men. However, he has also learned to cultivate covertly. The result is that he has been able to live a long and healthy life, but he knows that the time is running out. And now, the Forbidden Lord has come to collect him.

1. The Forbidden Lord’s Plot

The Forbidden Lord was a demon who once lived in the land of Yanxiang, which is located in the east of China. He has five disciples in the world. Among these five disciples, the greatest one is Han Jue. The Forbidden Lord wants to conquer the whole world and make it his own. He wants to turn people into demons and use their blood for his cultivation. The main character, Han Jue, wants to learn the Cultivation Methods of Heaven and Earth. One day, the Forbidden Lord gives him the Immortal Pill and tells him to cultivate with it.

The Immortal Pill is a secret magic pill. If you eat this pill, you can instantly become immortal. You can use this pill to cultivate in two different ways. You can either just eat the pill for a short period of time, or you can eat it continuously. You have to remember that you must consume it every day. If you forget to eat it, you can still consume it on the next day. You must eat it every day. Otherwise, you won’t be able to become immortal. You will die after seven days.

2. Han Jue’s Transformation

In his pursuit of cultivation, Han Jue had transformed into a ferocious beast. He became obsessed with becoming stronger and stronger. He kept thinking about the possibility of transforming into a demon. It was so scary for him. As he kept thinking about it, he actually became a demon. He was unable to control himself. He had forgotten all about his previous life. He started behaving like an ordinary demon. However, after he was saved by the Dark Forbidden Lord, he regained his memories. He realized how much of a fool he had been. The Dark Forbidden Lord then told him that he would be responsible for the cultivation of the Godlike Cultivation Potentials in the world. He gave Han Jue a task that involved cultivating the Godlike Cultivation Potentials. The Dark Forbidden Lord wanted Han Jue to help people cultivate themselves.

The dark forbidden lord has chosen you to cultivate. The Cultivation of the Godlike Cultivation Potential is hard work. You must be strong and persevering. When you are cultivating, you must make sure that you are cultivating yourself. You should practice the same things that you would practice when you are cultivating a talent.

3. The Forbidden Lord’s Plan

The Cultivation Master has been cultivating for a thousand years. He is devoted to cultivating himself. There are two paths that he has taken. The first path is to cultivate to obtain a level of cultivation known as “The Heavens.” The cultivation potential of the Dark Forbidden Lord is higher than that of any of his disciples. He needs to cultivate for a thousand years to obtain this cultivation potential. The second path is to cultivate to obtain the highest cultivation potential. This cultivation potential is known as “the heavens.” The cultivation potential of the Dark Forbidden Lord is higher than that of the Cultivation Master.

He must use the cultivation energy he receives to cultivate. Otherwise, he will not be able to cultivate. He cultivates by using the cultivation potential and the energy he receives from his disciples. This means that he cannot receive this energy from another person. The cultivation potential he receives from his disciples is very limited. In the future, the cultivation potential that he can receive will also be limited.

Chapter 23 is the story of Han Jue. He is a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord. He cultivates by the Cultivation Potential that he receives from his disciples.

4. Han Jue’s Plan

Han Jue is one of the disciples of the Dark Forbidden Lord. He was born in ancient times, and his cultivation is very high. When he was young, he had the opportunity to meet the Dark Forbidden Lord. The Lord taught him the Three Steps of the Dark Forbidden Teachings. He was a loyal follower of the Dark Forbidden Lord and tried to cultivate with utmost sincerity and devotion. He wanted to master the true cultivation techniques and get rid of all the bad habits and emotions that he had accumulated in his youth. As time went by, he spent several years in the cultivation cave. During his stay in the cave, he developed the ability to read the Book of the Dark Forbidden Teachings and the Nine Bodies and got a clear vision of the Dao. He also saw the nature of cultivation. He understood that he had to face his own weaknesses and cultivate diligently. He decided to leave the cave and devote himself to cultivating the Godlike Cultivation Potential. In order to train his cultivation, he spent his days and nights in the cultivation hall and took breaks only during meals. One day, the Dark Forbidden Lord was passing by.

5. Han Jue’s Battle with the Forbidden Lord

The story takes place during the period when Han Jue was learning how to cultivate the Godlike Cultivation Potential. The master taught him to cultivate the Godlike Cultivation Potential.

It was hard for Han Jue to cultivate the Godlike Cultivation Potential. But when he finally cultivated it, the results were great. His cultivation had increased to a level that no one had reached before. He was able to accomplish feats that no one had ever accomplished. He was very proud of himself.

The forbidden lord was a very jealous person. When Han Jue started to achieve his great achievements, he became more jealous of him than before. The forbidden lord’s jealousy turned into hate. He became even more evil and cruel. Han Jue was afraid of the forbidden lord. He was worried about what the forbidden lord would do to him if he lost. He did not dare to lose. He tried very hard to cultivate the Godlike Cultivation Potential.

However, the forbidden lord was very clever and he knew all the secrets of cultivation. He knew exactly how Han Jue was trying to cultivate. He knew everything about Han Jue.

6. The Forbidden Lord’s Surprise Attack

The Forbidden Lord was a master of Dark Cultivation. His followers were called the Dark Cultivators. He had a small army of cultivators at his disposal. These Dark Cultivators could perform dark cultivation with their own bodies. They did not need any materials to perform it. They could do it with just their minds.

One day, the Dark Forbidden Lord went out for a walk and he was suddenly attacked by a group of Dark Cultivators. He was almost killed by them. The Dark Cultivator said, “He was a Dark Cultivation Disciple. I could kill him without any material needed, and he is still alive.”

After the Dark Cultivator finished speaking, the Forbidden Lord felt his life was no longer in danger. He knew that this was a great sign. It meant that he would be able to create his new weapon. This new weapon would make him invincible. He knew that the time of his resurrection was near.

The Forbidden Lord returned to his temple. The Dark Cultivator followed him. He waited outside the Forbidden Lord’s door.

The Forbidden Lord entered the room and found it empty.

7. Han Jue’s Successful Counterattack

If you have read Chapter 22, you know that the Godlike Cultivation Potentials of the Dark Forbidden Sect can be used to cultivate a new type of cultivation skills and techniques. Han Jue had developed and used his new cultivation techniques during his fight against the Heaven Sword Sect. He succeeded in driving away the Heaven Sword Sect with these new techniques. After he defeated the Heaven Sword Sect, he decided to use the remaining Heaven Sword Sect’s Cultivation Potential to make him stronger. In order to do this, he needed to have a secret meeting with one of the Heaven Sword Sect disciples to teach him the new cultivation technique. This was because the Dark Forbidden Sect had already used this technique to defeat the Heaven Sword Sect. Han Jue’s disciple secretly came to the Dark Forbidden Sect and asked for the new cultivation technique. The Dark Forbidden Sect’s disciple agreed to teach Han Jue the new cultivation technique. When he learned this new cultivation technique, Han Jue secretly cultivated himself and practiced it a lot. Once he was confident enough, he told the Heaven Sword Sect’s disciple that he wanted to meet them again.

8. Han Jue’s Victory

Han Jue was a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord. He was a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord for only about one year. During that year, he was very good at cultivating. He became a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord after only one year of cultivation. But he was still unable to cultivate for the first four years. Only after the fifth year of cultivation, his cultivation was so powerful that he was able to cultivate even the Godlike Cultivation Potential. Because of his efforts and determination, he could eventually achieve the victory. Han Jue’s Victory can inspire you. No matter what you do, you should strive to be a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord. The Dark Forbidden Lord is the only one who can cultivate Godlike Cultivation Potentials.


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